About Stephen

Stephen Landau is a photographer, digital imaging specialist and fine artist. The prints displayed here are all fine art prints. Hand carved from linoleum blocks and printed on high quality, archival paper.

We hear words like “Giclée” used to describe digital prints that are currently on the market. However, all this word means is that the work was printed digitally through a computer. It is an unregulated term, that has no associated warranty of quality. There is no governing body that decides what digital print can be coined “Giclée”. This is one of the reasons I decided to get back to the roots of the printing process. There is something beautiful about work done by hand. You see the difference in someones brush stroke or carving method, like the vintage cars that were built by hand. Like the early Porsche 356’s that came out of Gmünd, they show the marks of a handmade work of art.