McLaren M15 (full color)

McLaren M15 (full color)


Two Color McLaren M15 Indy Car

Bruce McLaren developed the the M15, with Gordon Coppuck as the designer, to enter into Indy 500. The car had potential and also won the “Society of Automotive Engineers” design innovation award for the car, but didn't make podium, due to an engine failure at the last pit stop. Unfortunately, Bruce died soon after, while testing the Can-am M8D car. So, the M15 was the last car that Bruce had helped develop. Even though the M15 didn’t win any races, it was a great start for McLaren in Indy and the stepping stone to their three time winning M16 Indy Car.

These prints measure 18”x22” on Stonehendge or Arches printmaking paper. The full paper size is 22” wide by 18” high. They call a layer of screen printing before the final block print outline. Each layer requires a hand cut stencil for the appropriate color and shape. All these layers need to line up just right to get the final image.


As with any handmade object, these prints will vary in the color placement and pigmentation. I discard any prints that are way off, but there will always be a slight misalignment. This is part of the design and not a defect.



Paper artworks tend to be one of the most vulnerable. This makes them more interesting and desirable. Like a vintage car, paper art needs proper maintenance and care. Mishandling, excess light, extreme temperature changes and humidity can readily damage them. Please take heed of the handling instructions to help maintain the beauty and lifespan of your artwork.

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