Porsche 917 "Splash"

Porsche 917 "Splash"


Three Color, Hand Painted

This is a block print with hand painted color using India ink.

The 917 is a car most of us dream of. From its killer streak at Le Mans to McQueens controversial film, it’s ingrained into automotive legacy. Not many cars out there have such a diverse history.

These prints measure 12”x22” on Stonehendge or Arches printmaking paper. The full paper size is 22” wide by 12” high. 


As with any handmade object, these prints will vary in the color placement and pigmentation. I discard any prints that are way off, but there will always be a slight misalignment. This is part of the design and not a defect.



Paper artworks tend to be one of the most vulnerable. This makes them more interesting and desirable. Like a vintage car, paper art needs proper maintenance and care. Mishandling, excess light, extreme temperature changes and humidity can readily damage them. Please take heed of the handling instructions to help maintain the beauty and lifespan of your artwork.

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